Avocado Raw Honey

Avocado Raw Honey

  • R 85.00

Avocado honey does come from the nectar of avocado trees, but does not taste like the tree’s fruit.

Avocado honey is dark amber and has a creamy, robust taste. It has a very bold flavour profile – somewhat of a burnt, smoky, molasses taste.  Avocado honey is rich in phosphorus and magnesium.

The unique taste of Avocado Honey makes it useful for adding flavor to a variety of foods, drizzle over bread, fruit, fish, beef, pork or vegetables. Combine it with virgin olive oil and mustard and serve as a salad dressing.

100% Natural - nothing less, nothing more.

Main Features-

  • Pure Raw Honey
  • 100% natural unpasteurised honey
  • Badger Friendly
  • High anti-oxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory

Storage Instructions -  Store raw honey a dark cool cupboard.