What is Gratitude and Why Is It So Important?

What is Gratitude and Why Is It So Important?

When you feel down in the dumps or find yourself in a funk, how do you cope?


Do you turn to junk food, self-medication, shopping, etc.?


One healthy, powerful, and free strategy to rise from this temporary emotional state is to practice gratitude.


  • Gratitude turns what little you have into abundance.


  • Gratitude is so much more than saying thank you.


  • Gratitude changes your perspective of your world.

Numerous studies have shown that gratitude can bring a variety of physical, psychological, emotional and social benefits.  It helps us appreciate all the positive elements of our lives and the people in it. 


Gratitude may not be a universal remedy, but it serves as a grounding force, especially during uncertain times, fostering a positive outlook.


Explore these gratitude exercises:


1. Count your blessings: Set aside a daily moment to reflect on what went well or what you're grateful for, cultivating a positive mindset.


2. Express gratitude: Thank or compliment someone daily, absorbing the positive energy from spreading appreciation.


3. Meditate: Engage in mindfulness meditation, focusing on the present without judgment, fostering a sense of gratitude.


4. Prayer: For those who are religious, use prayer as a means to nurture gratitude in your daily life.


Embrace daily gratitude practices to rewire your brain and unlock a wealth of free health benefits.

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