About Us


ZuZanna’s Wellness provides a variety of holistic health service offerings making it possible to follow healthy and quality lifestyles regardless of limitation health constrains such as food allergies, food intolerances, chronic or degenerative diseases or just for pure enjoyment of good clean healthy food.

Founded in 2017 ZuZanna’s Wellness is based in Midrand, Gauteng and have both an online and physical store as well as a food factory.  

 ZuZanna’s Wellness Online Shop offers customer the convenience of shopping and delivering goods in their home or office environment.

 Visit ZuZanna’s Wellness Shop for a more personalised experience and broader range of food options. We stock delicious and healthy snacks and food products (rusks, biscotti, jams, preserves, condiments, healthy snacks, beverages, cakes, ready meals, superfoods, and more) to suite your lifestyle choice may it be keto friendly, diabetic friendly, lowcarb, gluten free or sugar free, vegan or vegetarian.

At ZuZanna’s Warehouse we handcraft a range of healthy food products that is available at ZuZanna’s Wellness Shop and authorized stockists across South Africa.

ZuZanna is well positioned to navigate the dynamic healthcare business landscape together with a strong in-house team as well as an extended team of health practitioners offering a range of alternative and complementary health services that specializes in a variety of disciplines.

At ZuZanna’s Wellness we strive to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness and through that transform the world.

Our Process

In our factory we follow a strict production and quality assurance procedure to ensure a hygienic production  environment, delivering high quality products and compliance to food safety and labeling standards.

We engage in a strict selection of all items we buy and sell from a variety of other health food suppliers; this is done to ensure that only the highest quality and ethical production processes are followed.

In addition, Zuzanna's Wellness provides a free country-wide delivery service for all orders above the value of R300. Shop now to claim this offer.



 Region Type Condition Cost                      Duration            
Gauteng Economy Collect In-Store Free Within 1 to 2 hours
Gauteng Economy Order GREATER than R500 Free Within 2 to 5 days
Gauteng Economy Orders LESS than R500 R90 Within 2 to 5 days
Outside Gauteng Economy All orders R165 Within 3 to 5 days