Why is it important to eat at work? (Zuzannas Lunchbox Ideas)

Why is it important to eat at work? (Zuzannas Lunchbox Ideas)

It is soon going to be a whole new season.
Make it your goal to eat healthier both at home and in your lunch box.

Here are some lunchbox ideas for eating healthier on a budget. All products are available In-Store.

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Fritattas - Bacon & Cheese, Feta & Spinach, Feta & Peppadew - Low-carb


Freshly baked pies - duck & cherry, chicken & savoury minced - all gluten-free & low-carb.


Variety of wraps - kale beetroot, carrot & pumpkin - gluten-free and low-carb.

Pizza bases and ready-to-eat pizzas - low-carb.


Vegan Chicken-like and Beef-like fillets, kebabs, ribs, pattis and drumsticks.


Prepared Meals - Bobotie, Rogan Josh Curry, Moussaka, Cottage Pie, Melanzane, Beef Trinchando, Tuscan Chicken - low-carb.


Ice-cream & waffles - sugar-free.  We also stock vegan ice-cream

We also stock hand-crafted Kombucha, Sulphur free Nuts & Dried Fruit, Low-carb & Gluten-free Muesli, and a wide select of Low-carb & Gluten-free bread.

Need more ideas you can make yourself?

Why is it important to eat at work?

Eating well in your lunchbox boosts your immune system.
This protects you from the cold and flu that spreads around the office like wildfire each year, which will help you not miss any important meetings and reduces your sick days.

Better focus, instead of being distracted by your stomach begging you for food. When you carry a healthy nutritious lunch, you can expect more productivity.
As you may know, healthy lunches have nutrients that boost brain power to help you feel productive and energized all day long.

Better mood. Many healthy foods can help you feel better. Healthy foods with mood-boosting properties include salmon, spinach, and almonds.

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