Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Healthily Today

In this bustling world, we are often focused on if we have eaten not what we have eaten, mainly because we are busy at work or with the kids or other responsibilities, that our intake of healthy food suffers.

Here are just 5 major reasons why you should start eating healthier today!

Reduces The Risk of Diseases


You're eating habits can increase or prevent your risk of getting certain diseases. Keep in mind that the list below is just some of the most common health problems that can occur from ignoring your health.

Diseases such as:
Being Overweight or Obese
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Heart disease and stroke
Type-2 diabetes
Some cancers

These are just some of the diseases, eating healthy not only removes these risk factors but will also regulate healthy insulin and blood sugar levels which also improves your energy and brain function.

Helps You Lose Weight


No, you do not need to starve yourself to achieve your perfect body, the key is avoiding processed foods.

The majority of the unhealthy food are processed foods, they do not carry the needed amount of nutrition as they should, meaning that you consume more foods. Eating healthy can help you lose weight because you will be eating real foods with real nutrients and components.

And this might be hard for some this is why we are here for you Zuzannas Wellness offers a lot of delicious nutritious foods and snacks that will help you replace bad calories with good calories.

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Improves Your Energy Level


Eating healthier increases your energy level. This happens as a result of your increased consumption of foods high in vitamin D and B vitamins, which play a big role in increasing energy levels.

Additionally, you're improving the kinds of carbohydrates and fats you provide your body. Your body is fueled by good fats (monounsaturated fats) and good carbs (complex carbs and resistant starches), whereas poor fats and sweets alter your body and make you feel drained and uninspired.

It Reduces Stress and Boosts Immunity

According to Harvard School of Public Health a healthy diet can help maintain a healthy immune system and repair damaged cells. Some healthful foods have been shown to contain stress-relieving chemicals including serotonin and dopamine.

It's clear that healthy foods give you the extra energy you need to deal with difficult situations. According to a study, some meals such as polyunsaturated fats, notably omega-3 fats, and vegetables may help to manage cortisol levels. Zuzannas wellness also offer a wide range of natural immune boosters to help boost immunity.

Improves Memory

A nutritious diet may help in the maintenance of cognition and brain function. 

A 2015 study discovered minerals and meals that help prevent cognitive decline and dementia. The following were discovered to be useful by the researchers:
Vitamins D, C, and E
Fatty acids omega-3
Polyphenols and flavonoids

The Mediterranean diet, among others, has several of these nutrients.

Yes, eating healthier costs a little more but it will reduce your risk of diseases. This decreases your visits to the doctor, in turn, will decrease your healthcare cost, which is far more expensive than buying healthy foods.

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